Zombie Necrosis + Fainting Nurse, Tiffany Pontes Dover is Dead

Written by Bonnie & John

December 12, 2020

Are there really words needed here?

If you take the vaxxx, you will not come baxxx
locked in time and space you will be, ASCENSION you will never see
jacked online in place not free, ASCENSION will you never see
hacked in mind disgraced on knees, ASCENSION never will you see
docked to hive and traced you will be, ASCENSION never you will see
If you take the vaxxx, you will never come baxxx
A poem by: John Mit c hell
Written for: The Dead


777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777
“…and Death shall not find them…”


Original Link from my friend Jim’s channel

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