To Accept The mRNA Vaxxx Is To Accept THE Mark Of The Beast

Written by Bonnie & John

November 14, 2020

  • Original video link from this TRUTH channel here.
  • List of ingredients in vaccines
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  • ¿Sabes qué es una vaca? (Trans: Do you know what a cow is?) Vaca is Spanish for cow. Goyim is a disparaging Talmudic Zionist Jew (Reptile) word which means: cow. Your worst enemy calls you/the masses cows. You are injected for mass culling by your worst enemy with something that has the word cow right in it. FURTHERMORE…
    You are not a cow. Are you? If you have had a vaccine as an adult then you have submitted to being injected with a substance which you have no idea what it contains. You are being injected by a doctor or nurse or pharmacist or ? who also does not have any idea what is in the injection. This is the fact in nearly every scenario of human vaccination. For those of us who read and investigate for ourselves, we know that vaccination is a deadly game of Russian roulette. We know this while the masses of lazy non-readers, too complacent to look up beyond their screen, simply comply with the false narrative and parrot what their “SMART” rectangle tells them to say. I could go on, but why? Those of us who can see, can see the chasm between the Two Paths growing wider every minute. 

Good conscious thinking men and women. Do you not see that a man who has all data at his finger tips, a man who supposedly knew all this election fraud would take place, is also a man who KNOWS what the mRNA vaccine is? Do you not see he HAS TO KNOW that making this concoction in SIX MONTHS is LUDICROUS!!!???
For the millionth time….WAKE UP !!!

Next we see the man who fits the exact profile of at least four different prophecies as being THE Anti-Christ. You folks should research the similarities. I am more convinced with every passing day that Trump is THE Anti-Christ. Just in case you’re new here….we here at awakenvideo subscribe to neither blue nor red mind control.

What’s the rush? Little time left before the naturally occurring SHIFT. Satan knows it and his legion knows. They hasten to take as many of mankind with them as possible. They do so through consent. If you own operate and are likely addicted to mind control devices, you consent to every app, all technology deployed within the device and everything else you have SUBMITTED to through your DUMB ASS cellular (<gigantic clue for you) phone. We told you…if you own and operate a cell phone during and after 5G deployment YOU WOULD NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TO THE SHIFT. We stand by those exact words today.

Original video link on this fantastic Bitchute channel

Original video link here from this TRUTH bitchute channel

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