Release Yourself Now – Little Time Left

Written by Bonnie & John

October 28, 2020

Release yourself now – there is little time left. A great delusion has been cast upon the masses of sleepers. More than sufficient information proving the pandemic being a plandemic is readily available. Nobody NEEDS to be-lie-ve these lies. Covid 19 IS the common flu. What is destroying the mental and physical health of our Brothers and Sisters is the mask wearing, the lock-downs and the constant FEAR MONGERING from the Sheol-bound media zombies.

Our children are being made to wear MASKS!!! THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!!! To think this kind of behavior should be the new “normal” is INSANITY! Whose advice are you following? Those who have been proven to be manipulators and liars? We need to look within ourselves to find the truth and turn away from known liars like mass media. There are many good men and women, like us, trying our best to show you Truth.

Wake up now and wake those around you NOW. Do not give in to fear. What will you do to make a difference in the world? How far can humanity be pushed until it steps up? It is time to take action. Stand up for your rights and the lives of our children! Release yourself from the lies of the false matrix now – there is little time left. Do something…something NOW!



Every nite I watch as more go below
All are surprised but their own seeds they did sow
They are hate filled and evil, how could they not know
Be kind to others and share, this is how we grow
Learn it here or back to school you will go
Cyclical two phase whirled…with Sheol down below
A poem by: John Mit c hell
Written for: every politician, law enforcer and mass media propagandist

“There is no death, only a change of worlds.” – Duwamish

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