Evil Is Real – Israel

Written by Bonnie & John

November 17, 2023

It appears that Hamas is a controlled-opposition group that was created by Israel’s MOSSAD.

A primary tactic of the evil ones is to create controlled opposition groups who carry out missions to cause a problem, to generate a reaction in an emotional outcry that helps justify a solution which was the desired outcome all along.

Israeli-controlled Hamas leaders carry out strikes against Israel which causes people to proclaim that the Palestinians are the aggressors and that that they don’t want peace. This then creates support for the Israeli army to drop precision missiles on Palestinian infrastructure such as power plants, water treatment plants, hospitals and schools… Continue Reading.

Those who proclaim to be Jews and ARE NOT Jews and do pray in the Synagogue of satan.
Zion exists only within the earth. It shall never stay upon the earth longer than it takes the last soul to be cast out.

The very seed of satan/lucifer – Important Must See 1987 Documentary – The Other Israël


More great resources:


archive.org/details/AshkenaziJewsOfKhazaria (explore the entire page)





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