Guy Wearing satanic Dirty Face Diaper – Hilarious!!!

Written by Bonnie & John

August 11, 2020

Original Bitchute Clip

Now look people, you may all be laughing at this dufus. Just know, for those of us awake and aware of, not only the 0.26% flu-like death rate, but also the fact that Billie and Mel are mass murderers…we see all of you wearing masks as nearly as dopey as this pitiful guy.

If you are wearing a mask, not only is it dangerous to your health but you can know…you are being mocked.

Hope this pops a couple of you into reality.

Lots of love to all our Brother and Sisters~!

THIS IS THE WORST VIRUS IN THE HISTORY OF MEDICINE Some of you don’t believe it, but it’s true!”
This is a quote from the video below. The hueman speaking is a magnificent example of a total mind controlled slave. She is nothingmore than a simpleton drone.
One more time. In a real pandemic NOBODY would need to fudge the death rate numbers. Yet we have PROVEN that
several hospitals have been caught doing this, along with other major health organizations. Furthermore, in a real
pandemic, in the cities, the morgues would be over flowing (IN EVERY CITY IN THE WORLD). Do we see this? Nope!
So, if this rather ditzy brained individual can prove her words for us…I think that would be a fair thing to ask for. Apparently she is an “elected official” (Yeah, I know…LOL). This means she took an oath of office, even if she clearly could not understand what that meant at the time, she is still held to it. I would suggest more men and women use this as leverage.
So, check out the video below and use all your senses to discern what a sad boot licking igit this woman has let herself become.


One more example of the “wear a mask” team. You see, if you are on this team…this fool is one of your cheerleaders. Get it?


Magical invisible force field around Sweden, or what? Is the “PANDEMIC” somehow afraid to go into Sweden?

Here where we live in Uruguay? What pandemic?

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