Real Earth is Flat Earth

Written by Bonnie & John

March 9, 2020

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  We do an experiment where we shine a laser through water and dramatically effect the results of the famous “Stick and Shadow” experiment debunking it as an incomplete theory. We prove that the atmosphere changes the angle of light at every level and is much more complex than modern science treats it.
 We do a FULL high level analysis of the Atmosphere and its layers. We look at Density Gradients, Mirages and Snells Law. We look into the Speed of Light, and the math and logic of the Flat Earth Model. We look at Holograms and Lumographic lenses and Tesla. This documentary covers a lot of topics. So join us while we investigate the world we live in.
Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution! Be the solution! There is also an amazing video on “Atmospheric Lensing” explaining similar effects of the horizon. You can do this experiment at home.…
 We follow up our documentary with a 30 page FAQ! We give anyone permission to mirror this video. Edit it, clone it, cut it into pieces and share it as much as you want. Please remember to give credit back to the original author “Research Royal Rife”. Keep discussion polite and share your thoughts. Some questions are unanswerable so try to avoid debating theory or confirming your bias. Instead, lets come up with experiments and solve this once and for all. Maybe we can layer glass and simulate the bending of the face of the moon through a density gradient.
 Maybe someone can make a special lumographic lens. Maybe we can make an open source computer model of the flat earth! Maybe we can make an open source airship and explore the North and South poles! Focus on the solution, not the problem. You can use our FAQ and open source it (perhaps on GitHub?), make a shorter version, improve on it and add to it. We want everyone to follow the scientific method of inquiry and modification of hypothesis.
 This video was a lot of work! So please be nice and understand how much time it took me to make. It is okay if you disagree, that is what the scientific method is about. If you disagree, state why. Source your claims and let it be experiments anyone can conduct. Also the video is not perfect. If you can find an error that does not debunk the other arguments, so address everything! Look over each argument carefully, you might find great value in some of the ideas in this film!! Take the information that is useful. But do not select information that only confirms your bias. Be as open minded as possible. Remember, you can never know for sure! Life is full of surprises. If you disagree with the FAQ, write a counter-FAQ so we can compare it to the original and in it address every single point made in the FAQ. Be thorough! If you question the flat earth model, also question the round earth model with the SAME skepticism! A true skeptic questions everything. Attack both models! When you do, I think you will find much more truth in flat earth as we have.
 If you believe the earth is round, sit down and write 100 questions against the round earth attacking it and see if you can find answers to your concerns! You may find many unanswerable questions that force you to open your mind to the possibility that we were not told the truth.
 The flat earth system is not one of chance. It is one of intelligent design. So we have much more flexibility in our model than one of “random luck”. Because a designer can solve a problem in multiple ways (like holography and illusion or refraction gradients) where a “random luck” model has to rely on rigid rules.

 Modern “science” doesn’t want you to question their theory. Because questioning their theory is called “science” and they don’t do that anymore.

Video Credits:
Eric Dubay
Phuket World
Rob Skiba

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