Mnemonic Mind Control FYM3 Conference

Written by Bonnie & John

April 10, 2015

This presentation by John and Bonnie Mitchell looks at the technology they discovered being used against all people who watch television, mainstream movies, play video games, use cell phones and computers or any device with a screen. This is the culmination of the illuminati’s mind control and behavioral research programs; the easiest way to hypnotize and program a human being’s subconscious mind. It combines electromagnetic pulsing, manipulation of sound and light frequencies, hypnotic trance induction, brainwave entrainment, and digital dark sigil magick. This tool is being used to keep the majority of people in a constant trance state, rewrite memories, control behavior, and insert demonic energy. Ultimately, it aids in the manifestation of the dark, fear-based reality the illuminati desire.

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  1. Hi John. I agree 100%.
    If it were only the Dead getting this vaxxx and then dying, that would be a case of survival of the fittest/most conscious and on some level more fair than what is actually happening. I say this because ALL the information to KNOW that the mRNA is experimental and that men, women and children are the “animal testing” that usually occurs before a poisonous vaccine is given to dopy humans who would consent. However, this is not the case. Those taking the mRNA vacxxx and dying from it are THE LUCKY ONES! We are about to see things unfold that have only been seen in Zombie horror movies until now. Prepare for the Z. If you take the vaxxx you will never come baxxx

  2. I am more convinced than ever that there is indeed a very powerful hypnotic mind control program operating through the media and my own mother, a brilliant woman with a MENSA-level IQ , is a perfect example of just how effective this is. She seems to have lost the ability to think independently, objectively, and rationally. Her total worldview and everything she believes is shaped by what she is told by the media – often 180 degrees the opposite of reality – and nothing I can say, nor any evidence I present to her can sway her opinion or break the grip of this programming.
    I know that I am not the only one who has experienced this problem with a loved one.
    YouTube and Bitchute comments are just LOADED with stories from exasperated and mystified people who have become outcasts among their own families and friends for simply attempting to share any truth which contradicts the established corporate media narratives they’ve been fed.
    This, to me, is among the most significant and urgently important issues of our time, as control of the minds of the populace by corporate media has already resulted in such horrific suffering and death on a massive scale in myriad ways, enormous destruction of human freedom, and has such grave implications for the future of humanity on so many levels.

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