Cymatics, Frequency, Sacred Geometry, Majik

Written by Bonnie & John

August 4, 2013

Thank you Suzanne Tribe

We know that frequency can change matter (Hutchison Effect). We can see in this video that the frequency of a human can form sacred geometric shapes. What else can the voice do? What else is the voice doing in this video? Clearly the frequency from this human is having a profound effect on the physical world (plate of sand). Do you think possibly the words we say might have an effect? If so, then the Sigil Magik known as language which was given to us could have effects intentionally created or embedded within it. Language is Magik and more is being revealed all the time. Everything is frequency, everything is Magik (no matter how you SPELL it…magic, majic, majec, majeck, majek, magek, majjek, majjik, maggek, maggik, mehjik, mehgic, mageck, meghjick, mehjgek, magech, majech, meghjek, mehjek, mehgech…)

To think outside the box you MUST first be able to define the box.

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