Beelzebub and These Two Flies

Ba’al Zebûb And These Two Flies,
What Awaits Them, What A Surprise,
All of Their Murders, All of Their Lies,
What Awaits Them, What You Surmise,
For Their Wicked Deeds, They Never Demise,
With This Prince of Seven, Once in Heaven,
Now Lord of The Flies,
And Bill and Melinda Aware…Only of Their Own Cries,
Gates Below and Three Fold For The Seeds Thee Have Sown,
Ba’al Zebûb Awaits!
Ba’al Zebûb And These Two Flies
A poem by: John Mit c hell
Written for: Bill and Melinda Gates

777~ None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world ~777

More interesting bits to fit together. In my humble opinion, the evidence is so bountiful as to the deadly dangers of vaccines that one would HAVE TO BE severely mind controlled to BE-LIEve the contrary.


Free Refusal of Vaccination Form

Free Vaccination Notice

The above video is from this interesting channel

The above video is from this interesting channel

Spiro on Bitchute. Worth noting, bitchute is where everything youtube deletes, goes to.

In the video above, the most poignant aspect is when you see him/her rocking/coddling theirself. A sign of SRA. A sign of where this creature was made and by whom. One not a party to any particular thing, seldom comprehends its inner workings and perhaps the thing’s actual function. It is not before close inspection that we see a monster like William Henry Gates III for what it…er…he really is. I hope that more are beginning to understand…though it is so damned simple…DO NOT INJECT YOUR BODY WITH VIRUSES, FETAL TISSUE, ANIMAL TISSUE, KNOWN CARCINOGENS, KNOWN MENTAL RETARDANTS (mercury)…HOLY HEY-ZEUS !!! DOES THIS REALLY NEED TO BE SAID ???


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