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May 28, 2012

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about this interview:
What is the secret agenda of high level Freemasonry? Listen to this excerpt from our Red Ice Radio program with Christopher Knight from July 2011 for a fascinating and disturbing insight.

BBC’s articles “Would you want to be a Freemason?” & “Freemasons: Your questions answered” is more or less a recruitment campaign. We wrote “BBC Continues Recruitment Campaign for the Freemasons – What is Really Going on Inside the Brotherhood?” to address this.

Christopher became a Freemason in 1976. Today he believes there is a Masonic agenda, yet another group is pulling the strings. We talk about the founding of America as the Masonic experiment and Washington, DC as Zion and the Pentagon as the Stonehenge of USA, designed according to ancient megalithic measurements. Maryland and Virginia flank DC as goddess worship is an important part of Freemasonry. Chris will also discuss the Masonic belief about The New Jerusalem and Yahweh coming back to rule the Earth.

Listen to the first hour “Christopher Knight & Alan Butler – Civilization One, The Moon & The Megalithic Yard” here:

Listen to the second hour “Christopher Knight – Washington District of Zion, Pentagon Stonehenge & The Masonic Agenda” here:

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