Vaccines Come From Hellbounders…Want Some?

Written by Bonnie & John

February 25, 2012

You have trusted your health to others because you were born into this cage. Take back your power and take back your health. Vaccines are DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU VERY VERY SICK. However much proof you need, no problem. Just read and research. Unless maybe you’re just too darn lazy to care about your own health. Hell, I know all about this topic and would never vaccinate and yet here I am sharing this information. Please don’t tell me that I care more about you than YOU do? Go and look this information up, until you are personally satisfied in the Truth and then never never get another vaccine. I’m writing like this because I actually have family who vaccinate themselves and their innocent children despite my trying to show them the very toxic truth. Take a real hard look around the next time you are at your local pharmacy. Once it finally hits you, you will be amazed at all the signage EVERYWHERE advertising flu shots. Here where we live they ran the flu shot all year long straight thru summer. INSANE! You might recall too that the A.M.A. (American Murder Association) recommends the flu shot especially for the young now. SATANIC!

GARDASIL will be proven in the near future to cause an almost 100% infertility rate in females who were injected with this toxin. Gardisil is a population control (eugenics) vaccination. WAKE UP from your slumber and stop trusting your body and your child’s body to this monstrous hoax. You have the unALIENable right to not be injected. Stand up and claim what is already yours freely…your sovereignty!

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