The Purpose of DNA 1of12

Written by Bonnie & John

March 23, 2010

Dan Winter is most known as a teacher of Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion. His invention’s HeartTuner and BlissTuner have earned him literary credit (book: ‘Instinct to Heal’) for inventing the term Heart Coherence. Discovering the harmonic content of compassion in EKG and bliss – even enlightenment in EEG – lead him to a radical new physics: that IMPLOSION – the electrical –geometry of fractality- is the cause BLISS – as it is the cause of gravity in general – and the destiny of DNA in particular. He teaches that the hygiene for bliss – creates fractal conditions (the sacred) defining the charge field which ignites and matures DNA into BLISS. He has dedicated his life to teaching – and is personally known around the entire Earth – with web presence (5 languages), 3 books, films and DVD’s. His message is simple- the coherence in the aura field – generated by fractal compression – called the KA in Egypt- is what creates your vehicle for memory into death and the lucid dream. This immortalizing potential in the charge created by blood on fire with bliss – is the real message of ancient religion – the real physics of the grail – and the essential good news at a time when the solar wind can only be steered by Sun God’s. It is not so hard to see thru the Sun like an eye. The physics is embedding; psychology is discovering that- like the birth canal-and what happens in DNA during successful death, what emerges from perfect compression (implosion) is only the SHAREABLE wave. Redefining pure intention – as the perfection of coherence resulting from fractality – not only makes the physics of bliss measureable and teachable – but actually a loving gentle story of the Sun inviting us home.

The primary function of DNA is the production of a coherent electrical field.

“The essence of what Dan Winter is telling us regarding 2012 appears to be that the cosmological alignments and solar rapturous energetics will ‘test’ the abilities of DNA to compress with springy resiliences to the incoming waves of energies…… and those whose DNA is incapable of interacting with the energies due to becoming brittle and due to being in a perpetual condition of pre-compression (my own interpretations) may succumb…. their DNA won’t continue….
What may be akin to a common philosophy (stress kills) that is none-the-less “unrealized in practice” by much of humanity is that Being in a state of life which ‘elongates’ our DNA is what is healthy…. (this allows for Both compression and re-elongation) as it is dynamic….while stressful living and stress-mindedness are conducive towards DNA ‘tensing-up’ into a perpetually compressed state which is ‘pre-stressed’, and so unable to tolerate much Additional stress-compression.” ~Thanks to Leslie

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