Man Time Travels and Gets Video Proof

Written by Bonnie & John

March 17, 2010

I first saw this video years ago when I was first beginning to wake up. It has always inspired me. Not because…if it’s true…it proves time travel is real. I already know it is. Not because…if it is true…it proves we are multidimensional beings. I already know that too. It’s because…if it is true…it proves that this man’s future is peaceful and sunny and bright and he is smiling. Why is that important? For those of us who know ascension is…we know that this is where Mr. Hákan Nordkvist went to visit himself. This is important because…this is true. I believe in Mr. Hákan Nordkvist. As I believe in all of those waking to the matrix and breaking free.

The Kingdom of Heaven is near. The Christ is coming quickly!!!

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