Spiral Dance to Save the Trees

Written by Bonnie & John

March 3, 2010

Spiral Dance Ritual Comes to Berkeley’s Oak Grove
Supporters came out in force to celebrate the first month anniversary of the Berkeley’s ongoing urban tree sit and to participate in a spiral dance ritual under the shade of the stadium Oak Grove.

The celebratory ritual, including testimony and song, was well received by the numerous tree sitters stationed high above. The group chanted “Will we look to the forest…listen to the silence…heal our connection…will we?”

The spiral dance usually involves a drumming group and a chant or song in addition to the dancers. All members present hold hands and follow a leader in a counter-clockwise motion using a grapevine step. As the leader comes near closing the circle, he or she whips around and begins moving clockwise while facing the rest of the dancers. By continuing this formation, every dancer in the line will eventually be face to face with every other dancer.


~special thanks to bcitizen

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