Awesome Aerial View of Chemtrails, Japan

Written by Bonnie & John

January 29, 2010

This is a video apparently taken from inside a commercial jet whilst flying over a very organized chemtrail grid. You thought every time you saw Asians in an Asian country on the news, ALL wearying surgical masks, that it was because of the what????,,,flu???

On heavy chemtrail days, which is often, we recommend masks when outdoors and running your central air (fan only) with a good filter. Change the filter as often as you can afford to. Obviously, button up the house first. That crap in the sky doesn’t stay up there indefinitely. We are ALL breathing it in, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, workers and politicians, and yes…masons too. None are more deceived in this time than the deceivers.

Lift your hearts, the Christ (ascension) is coming quickly!!!

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