Wake Up ~ Icke Up

Written by Bonnie & John

December 2, 2011

Thank you David Icke

Remember Military and Police…these are the satanic that YOU are working for. If you think there will be no answering for what you do next…THINK AGAIN….


“Flow out, thou poison, come forth upon the ground.   Horus conjures thee; he cuts thee off, he spits thee out and thou risest not up but fallest down.  Thou art weak and not strong, a coward who dost not fight.  Thou art blind and cannot see.  Thou liftest not thy face.  Thou art turned back and findest not thy way.  Thou mournest and does not rejoice.  Turn back, thou snake.  Conjured is thy poison which was in any limb of F.O.P., the son of Injustice.   Behold, the magic of Horus is powerful against thee.   Flow out, thy poison, come forth upon the ground.”

Magickal Incantation from an Egyptian Papyrus, circa 18th Dynasty


F.O.P.  667




667  F.O.P.

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