Written by Bonnie & John

March 11, 2011

UPDATE 04MAY2011: Boy, two, with brain cancer is ‘cured’ after secretly being fed medical marijuana by his father

Within this helpful video are instructions on making hemp oil. We at do not condone nor suggest to anyone that they try this VERY DANGEROUS procedure themselves without “EXPERIENCED” help. If you begin to seek it out, you will find experienced help.

We are also personally aware of the great health benefits of hemp oil as we have a family member fighting cancer with this solution to date. So far it seems to be working quite well. This individual is keeping a video diary to document their recovery from terminal cancer (according to doctors with the AMA{America Murder Assosiation}). This post is in honor of that individual and his fight for his life. Remember if our fascist government could get their hands on our family member they would try to put him in prison for attempting to…..CURE HIMSELF OF CANCER!!!

We have allowed criminals to turn our free nation into a Fascist prison state. Wake up and get ready for revolution because it is coming !!!


Please allow this one to load. It is worth the wait.

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