We Support Beloved Cheesecakes…Pure Courage

Written by Bonnie & John

March 1, 2023

It would seem that fear during the first COVID scam equaled mass loss. However, courage looks to have triumphed in a rather obvious way for the beautiful spirits operating Beloved Cheesecakes. Wonderful and hope-filled truth. Remember folks like this when the next scare tactics amp up from these evil demonic forces which created the first scamdemic.

Fear = loss/weakness/hopelessness.
Courage = ultimate clarity that WE are in command of OUR world, NOT these weak satanic scum.

Scum such as: politicians, police, ignor-ant doctors/nurses. And, of course, all those weak little creatures who ONLY feel power when they are vampiring energy stolen from others…the satanist/luciferian (same clown, many names) him or her self. Their time is short 🙂

We at awakenvideo.org applaud this young lady and mother and spiritual example for us all. Thank you!

Beloved Cheescakes

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