OCULUS And The Fourth Wall – Patreon Sample

Written by Bonnie & John

January 24, 2022

This video is the first 8 minutes of our latest Patreon content.

Synopsis: In this Patreon video we share our experience with Oculus Virtual Reality technology. It was eye opening, to say the least. It seems there is an entire false matrix virtual reality standing by to carry with it, all those who may want to escape this increasingly negative “physical” reality. However, escapism is not the answer. Facing this world and your own spiritual existence is what is necessary to truly succeed in this realm. Putting on the Oculus is a fantastic way to escape. We caution that you not let it suck you in deeper into an addiction of virtually escaping. Virtually escaping means the same thing as literally putting your head in a hole to not see what is around you regardless. We hope you enjoy this presentation.

We pray for you all upon The Right Hand Path every single day. You are truly our Brothers and Sisters and we wish you all many blessings of Love and Care.

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Research the following individuals. They call themselves Zionist Jews. There is absolutely zero doubt that every single individual photographed below is a criminal and/or a treasonous piece of filth. Each should face a military tribunal for their parts in genocide against mankind and their other many crimes.

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