Filicide – A Millstone Around Your Neck

Written by Bonnie & John

November 2, 2021

Parents: A pair of persons who rent a ‘kid’ from its berth. Pair-rent.


How mean-spirited, dark, vulgar, psychotic and demonically possessed would a mother have to be to murder her own children? Here is a perfect example. Whether they be Lefties, Leftists, Left Wing, Far Left…these unconscious, twisted souls are all firmly on The Left Hand Path and that is truly why they are labeled as such. The monster you are about to see below is void of Christ, void of Love and/or Care in her heart and much more accurately…void of Christ in ITS heart.

More truth than you can handle.

Remember, in accordance with all prophecy those “Jews who are not Jews but do pray in the Synagogue of satan” (Zionist scum) listed above have PROVEN themselves to be The Damned. They will each and every single one of them burn in The Lake of Fire for ETERNITY. Let these scum be as assured and smug as they like. This realm was always meant to be a temporary testing ground for the souls of mankind. The monsters listed above have obviously failed that test. They shall not be missed.


Below: Here we witness on camera a elderly gentleman being Jujitsu’d by a scumbag bully with a badge and openly murdered. The community where this murder took place has the lawful right to gather en masse, drag this murderer out of his house and hang him by the neck in the closest tree, Lawfully…for the act of murder in broad daylight caught on camera. Case closed! The time to take action is quickly passing you! Men and women en masse are more powerful than these masonic pigs. The time for talking is over. Every single hueman who has lived by their gun (sword) WILL be killed by a gun. Imagine this truth for just a moment and what scenario would be needed to achieve this truth. This exact scenario is already unfolding throughout the world/matrix. While you may be-lie-ve (being the lie rather than seeking gnosis) that police are the last line of defense, you are mistaken wholly. The exact evil forces which control the world (not the earth) are the very same forces giving the orders to all the boot-licking order takers. The day in the former USA when F.O.P. pigs hide their uniforms and pray they are not discovered is quickly approaching. First China, then North America, then the rest of the matrix. All of The Left Hand Path will be removed from our perception…swift as a thief in the night.


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