Surreal Times Square New Year – 2021

Written by Bonnie & John

January 1, 2021


Last nite Bonnie and I, like most of you, were celebrating the New Year. We decided to go to a live Times Square webcam. This shocking video is what we saw. Today, the very first day of 2021 and ANYONE can go look at the CDC’s information and also the equivalent of the CDC in other nations and discover an imperative truth…COVID 19 HAS NOT BEEN ISOLATED BY ANY LAB ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. THIS, SCIENTIFICALLY AND LITERALLY, MEANS…COVID 19 DOES NOT EXIST !!! This is the single most important Truth that WILL come out in the coming few weeks. Wake up now to avoid the VAXXX and certain death. To the sick psychopathic minds behind this culling/lockdown there is nothing wrong or creepy at all with this video. That should show you how evil this cult of death really is. Open your eyes and when you finally SEE…alert others. This is how we all wake up together, by HELPING each other. 
Bonnie and I both love you all on The Right Hand Path…continue to help others wake and we will make it through to the world we all desire. A world of Love, Peace and Abundance.


The following information is not about supporting any politician. It is about one decent man telling the truth about as much as he knows. Important.

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