The luciferian Illusion Revealed – I See Energy – ICE

Written by Bonnie & John

June 30, 2018

The digital overlay is ICE…I see energy.
Do not demand just-ice. Take your freedom back. It is YOURS to take.
The system of “law” is here to enslave you. Lawyers, judges and cops are all the enemies of mankind and freedom itself. This UCC/legal enslavement WILL BE dissolved entirely.
You say, “but without police there would be chaos in the streets”. In Truth, police, judges and lawyers belong to the SAME SYSTEM that CREATES CRIME. Without this system, peace not mayhem will return to the world. Soon, these truly criminal, truly enemies to mankind will be outed for good! Right off of this plane!

Love to you all. To the abusers with guns and badges and those Esquire foreign agents for the Crown…you reap what you sow and it will be laid upon you three fold. Time has never been so short (compressed).


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