The Perfect HAARP Storm: SANDY

Written by Bonnie & John

October 28, 2012

The Perfect HAARP Storm: SANDY

The Perfect Storm is what they are calling it. The Frankenstorm for Halloween 2012. It’s more like The Perfect HAARP Storm. The new term they’re using is “hybrid,” supposedly because it’s a hurricane blending with a cold front. It will form a huge 300-400 mile radius storm that will dump snow and rain on basically the entire east coast of the United States. And it’s going to take its time when it gets over top of New York City, their main focus. Two or three high tides will be super high tides, along with the full moon, so there will be flooding.

And all of this is perfectly timed to coincide with the 2012 presidential election. Hmmm. Sounds like part of a dark ritual that the evil magicians are working on. All of this is man-made; the messed up jet stream, the above normal water temperatures, a huge hurricane that formed like magick in the Gulf of Mexico that has conveniently skirted right up the east coast, just far enough out in the warm water to build up more strength before it makes a sharp left-hand turn into “millions of people” (as they like to point out on FOX 666 News).

Geoengineering the climate is not new, although the powers-that-were would like us to believe they haven’t started using that technology yet. I say powers-that-were because these sorry individuals are not smart enough to realize that the new and improved power in this world is quickly becoming LOVE, something they don’t understand. So they are trying their very, very best to scare us all, keep us dumbed down in fear, and make us believe their fake reality which is coming to a screeching halt. After everyone wakes up to the truth and the fact that LOVE is the real source of power, their game is over.

Keep LOVE in your heart.

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