NSA Cybernization of Children, MILABS

Written by Bonnie & John

January 3, 2012

Michael Prince aka James Casbolt, Dave Marrow, Barry King, and Matt Todd are some of the brave souls who have come forward with the truth about what goes on in the underground bases scattered across this planet. Children are taken underground, some genetically manipulated to become cybernetic “super soldiers” and others never make it back out. Genetic experimentation, horrible mind control techniques, implants, and Military Abductions on the Etheric Plane.

MILABS or Military Abductions are conducted by government personnel working alongside greys, reptilians, and demons. Many of the negative alien abductions are actually MILABS. These are experienced during the night on the etheric plane. Aliens, MILABS, and even the good star people all seem to be working on the etheric plane with our etheric bodies. They show up in people’s bedrooms and pull them right out of their physical bodies, taking the consciousness with them…at least, for those of us who are alert, aware, and awake and can remember it.

I have experienced MILABS since my childhood and have many clear and vivid memories of being in underground bases with doctors, nurses, and scientists in white lab coats. I was aware of the genetic manipulation and became accustomed to the tests and operations in the secret hospital-like facilities as well as on “spaceships.”

Are all alien abductions conducted by the military and secret government? No, there are other forces at work: many different types of multidimensional beings, both good and bad are visiting our planet. Thankfully, I have been in contact with benevolent, loving beings who have helped me get through all of this to where I am now, about to make a leap in conscious awareness during the coming shift.

The secret government is working with low-level, negative aliens/demons and they are in possession of hidden, advanced technology and they are very aware of alien abduction. However, they do NOT know what happens between contactees and their star people families. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spend so much time chasing contactees around at night looking for information. They used to show up quite often after I had a visitation with the star people. “What did they star people say? What did they do? What happened while you were with them?” I used to answer their questions on the etheric plane, but I soon learned better and the psychic attackers who work for the secret government would try to force it out of me. They don’t do that anymore, because I quickly learned how to outwit them in that altered state of consciousness where alien abductions and military abductions take place.

The good news is that this is all about to end for everyone who thinks with their heart mind and can raise their vibrational frequency to make the consciousness leap that is already occurring and will reach its zenith on December 21, 2012.

If you have had experiences like this, please consider joining my Alien Abduction Help Forum. For more information about alien abduction, the secret government, the typical medical procedures, going aboard a spaceship, earth changes, psychic attack, controlling the dream state, and more, read my book Invitation to The Self; journey with the star people. Bonnie Jean Mitchell

Thank you to megawatts1066 and jagbodhi

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