Vortex Energy Spiral in Russia 2011

Written by Bonnie & John

July 21, 2011

Similar to the spiral seen in Norway in 2009, and others being seen around the globe, this energy vortex appeared in Russia in February 2011.

One of the explanations given for the Norway spiral was that it was a rocket shot off by nearby Russia. Well, I used to live near a NASA base that sent off rockets all the time, so I have a good idea of what they look like in the sky– NOT LIKE THIS; rockets leave a cloud trail behind them but it does not spin in a perfect spiral like this. This is a possible HAARP event, considering the nearby HAARP facility and the fact that this spiral appeared on the eve before Obama accepted his (laughable) Noble Peace Prize in Norway the very next day….

A spiral appeared in China in 1988 and the Chinese people (including their government) were baffled:

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