John and Bonnie Interview On Extreme Radio

Written by Bonnie & John

January 18, 2011

“Alien Abduction”…rather, Contact with Multidimensional Beings: Who does it happen to? Is fear blocking you from having encounters you want to experience? Many, many people around the world are visited by “star people”; those benevolent guides from off-planet. Is the government covering up information about extraterrestrials? Is the government even human?

Orgone Energy can help disperse Chemtrails, Faraday Cages can block Electromagnetic Frequencies, Freemasons, Television Mind Control, mneumonic circles on most TV shows (especially the NEWS and SPORTS), Department of Defense is creating the NEWS reports. STOP watching TV!!!

Keep LOVE in your heart and push FEAR AWAY to ascend spiritually to a better, brighter place. (no longer online)

Original uncut ExtremeRadio interview 3 hrs.

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