Fake Chemtrail Plane

Written by Bonnie & John

February 16, 2010

Now that our atmosphere has been sprayed into a plasma state, holographic deception is much more efficient. Think of the man power, fuel etc… that can be saved by simply projecting old world aircraft in front of your triangular antigrav-tech aircraft. Two pilots on-board can operate the entire project. This sound far fetched? Just keep looking up friend, this has barely started. My personal experience has been this. You can take a relatively cheap video camera, put it on a tripod and film directly into the sky for 30 minutes. Download the footage and look at it in super slow motion and enjoy the UFOs you’ve just filmed. THAT is how thin the veil is now. At this point we are certain that obscuration of the sky is a very big part of the chemtrail operations as was mentioned in researchable D.O.D. documents where “obscuration” is mentioned specifically. So…obscuration of what? So…go get that cheap camera and make a difference by filming something unique and putting it on youtube and/or send it here with your text and Bonnie and I will post it. (IF it cuts the mustard 🙂 )

thanks madmod72 and dinosauro67

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