Welcome to the New Awakenvideo

Written by Bonnie & John

June 23, 2020

Thank you for coming to the new site!

We knew one day soon we would be compelled to get back into actively helping folks out in these last days of The Shift. We know that the “hammer is about to fall” and The Shift/Rapture is nearer now than ever. We will use these last days in 3D to help our Brothers and Sisters whom walk with us on The Right Hand Path together and into the light of source, our new home our new world.

As always we will continue to inform and point out the important bits in an open and free way. We have also opened a Patreon Membership system for those who wish to join us in community. Not a community open to all. That would be folly, just look around. No, our idea for this awakened community is one consisting of only open minded, loving, caring men and women. Men and women who want to help others and each other to learn and grow in knowledge, frequency and to broaden their horizons by knowing more with each visit here and with each day we grow closer to a better world. If that is you, please join us. If not, please enjoy the free content and share it with others.

Thank you for being here. We look forward to populating the new forum together with you and to adding valuable content to both the free observer side of awakenvideo and also for our community of Patreons.

Love, Light and Respect to each of you.

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