Wake Up Call For Pigs Everywhere – FOP = masonic Scum

Written by Bonnie & John

March 6, 2021

Either wake up, put down your badge forever or face the coming Apocalypse. The day is fast approaching when there will be an abrupt end to police. Men and women are waking and the sleepy are going bye bye. For every frequency there is a world for you. FOP masonic scum deserve whatever evil befalls them, in life and in death. 40% of all pigs go home and beat their spouse. Pigs are arrested DAILY now for child pornography, child molestation, child rape, rape, human and drug trafficking and many more damnable crimes. The biggest criminals in this world have for a long long time been the pigs. You think there are “good cops?” Every pig, whether active in crimes or not, ignores the crimes of their colleagues (the blue line which is never crossed by any pig). THERE ARE NO “GOOD COPS!!!” Every pig knows what is going on behind the scenes, making them CULPABLE and GUILTY of the very same Fraternal Order of Pigs’ crimes they help to hide. Thusly, ALL FOP masonic pigs go to Sheol/Hell. Which I can tell for a fact is a very real place, beyond your wildest imaginations.  
In a world free of masonic luciferian/satanic influence, policing of free men and women is not needed. Crime happens when satanic secret societies are added to the mix. Masons and therefore FOP, are the mortal enemies of all mankind. Sheol awaits nearly every non-blue mason in the entire world. Meanwhile, men and women have the RIGHT to shed their oppressors by ANY FORCE OR MEANS NECESSARY INCLUDING THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE. I suggest more good men and women show up and DEFEND each other from these unconscious order taking masonic fools NOW!!! 

Those who kill by the sword will be killed by the sword, those who imprison my Brothers and Sisters will be cast into imprisonment and those who would harm a child…would be better off cast into the sea with a millstone around their neck.
These are the End Days and YOUR dark ways have not gone unnoticed…politician, lawyer, judge and masonic pig alike. Your ilk will be in The Pit and soon!

777~None in this world more deceived than the deceivers of this world~777

“…and Death shall not find them…”

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