Two Baphomets Who Hate REAL Men and Women

Written by Bonnie & John

June 23, 2020

The crimes that these two sick monsters have committed are beginning to come into the light. What these two monsters really are is also coming into the light. Imagine a lifetime of MKultra satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Imagine having satanic “parents” who make their boy into a “girl” and make their girl into a “boy.” This is only the beginning of the story that leads to two completely insane Baphomets set loose against all of mankind. Given their position and the power by The Fallen themselves and hidden covertly inside a mind controlled society which is so sick itself that nobody, for decades, would BE ABLE to notice what is now so obvious. Nearly the same scenario as we faced with the satanic Obama’s and Micheal Robins (AKA Michelle Obama). Yet another example of what must be a much larger plague of evil within our ailing and corrupt society. Yet right now, those of us awake sufficiently can see that Melinda Gates is not only a male human pretending to be a woman but much like Michelle…a male who makes for a fugly female which only goes to further to demonstrate that we must be under mind control to not detect such an obvious scam. As with the Obamas’ one must ask many serious and troubling questions. Where did  their kids come from? Who’s kids are they really? Did Billie-girl give birth to them? If not, are they adopted? If so, why do these two nutters really have children at all? They are both clearly insane mass murders who have no problem at all with murdering babies and children as well as adults. A mere glimpse into any of these satanic families is enough to make you lose your dinner and your sleep that evening. The Gates family of horrors is no different. If the evil ideology of eugenics ever had any place for positive change in this world it would only be if we applied its doctrine to the satanic network that exists for a short time longer on the surface plane of Middle Earth.

I write here and now…If the whole world knew the Truth about Bill and Melinda and what the have done, they would both be shot on sight the next time they poked their noses out…as would many many others.

All that is evil and secret is revealed in the coming months before The Great Shift that separates The Left and Right Hand Paths. The Left is left behind with all consenters lacking the Christ Spirit/Love & Care Frequency. The Left Path witnesses the end of the 4th world and The Right Path is welcomed into the higher vibrational realm. A new world out of phase with the old “..and there will no longer be night..”, “…and the sun shall not burn the flesh…” We are well on our way children of The Creator. Well on our way to the New World of our Creator whilst The Left enter their New World of darkness, fear, hate and mass murder…Hell on earth before the door that can not be opened is opened by CERN and the satanic fiends who operate that facility / those facilities.

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