Polar Opening

Written by Bonnie & John

March 31, 2010

bibliotecapleyades.netPlease note the reflection of the camera person in the window; the window itself, which looks like a plane window not a space craft window and the fact the there is a strongly detectable vibration present which obviously suggests an airplane unless this thinly windowed space craft was under thrust (propulsion) to create such a strong vibration. Also, the fact that the opening being filmed is apparently quite close despite the camera clearly not being zoomed in. There are more details…look closely.

Good Hollow Earth Link for Think here.

UPDATE 25MAR10:I am confident in assessing this video to be physical evidence of a polar opening and evidence that someone(?) is researching this opening actively.

Update 19NOV2010

Ocean Waves: surface and interface waves

This guy had a conversation with a Pilot who refuses to identify himself regarding the existence of a large Northern Polar Entrance….. I found this vid off the website World Top Secret:Our Earth is Hollow belonging to Rodney.M.Cluff…The guy relaying his conversation is Ivars ?

Here’s the link to the website:


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