Mayan Calendar, 9 Steps of Creation Explained

Written by Bonnie & John

April 6, 2010

We are on a schedule. Here is a closer look at the Gregorian calendar of lies and commercialism and the Mayan calendar of creation. The Maya used two calendars: the Tzolkin calendar (the every day calendar) and the Tun calendar (the divine calendar). Every 52 Tun, all debts were forgiven and everything started over fresh.

The Mayan calendar is in 9 different levels. Each level is divided into 13 sections. There are seven periods of light and six periods of dark (seven days and six nights to each day of creation). Each day is a period of increase in consciousness, and each night is a period of applying that consciousness.

The very first cycle started 16.4 billion years ago. It is called the Cellular Cycle. 16.4 billion years is divided into 13 different sections (each one of them is 1.26 billion years long) and each one of these 13 sections or “days” has a particular intention in creation.

The second cycle started 820 million years ago. It went through the same 13 steps except these were only 63.4 million years each.This cycle is called the Mammalian Cycle.

The third cycle started 41 million years ago and is called the Familial Cycle.

The fourth cycle started 2 million years ago and is called the Tribal Cycle.

The fifth cycle started 102,000 years ago and is called the Cultural Cycle.

The sixth cycle started 5,000 years ago and is called the National Cycle.

The seventh cycle started only 247 years ago and is called the Planetary Cycle.

The eighth cycle started January 4th, 1999 and is called the Galactic Cycle. Each step of this cycle is only 360 days long.

The ninth cycle begins on March 8th, 2011 and is called the Universal Cycle.

As you can see, the pattern accelerates. According to Ian Xel Lungold at Mayan Majix, each cycle of creation contains the same amount of advancement and change, but each cycle runs 20 times faster.

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