Updated July 25th – GUILTY!

Written by Bonnie & John

February 26, 2013

Solvo omnis populus

777 Cestui Que Vie Mortuus Infinitas Infinitio 777

And so the beginning is near after all. First the church, then the govern-mental powers. Fear not, this is your poison which is dying, not what is really you.

You are not a person.
I laugh a bit, I must admit, that you do not understand…only a few, one day you…know not to standunder it.

Poetic Riddle – john – 2013 awakenvideo copy left

777 He who rides the bright white horse is coming quickly 777 It’s not about your religion nor if you have one. It’s about your heart. Do you have the Christ spirit? Do you have Love and Care in your heart? Can you smile? Can you cry? Please get in touch with yourself, you are who you have, to help you through this.
We Love you, please try hard to progress and succeed. This place, this illusionary reality is falling apart around you now…let it fall away. The Christ consciousness is coming for all who can accept the Light.

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