Finis Sus

Written by Bonnie & John

July 25, 2022

The Monopoly on Violence video file with multiple srt., subtitles, (Only use with VPN)
Our own copy below. French w/ English Subtitles.

Boot licking, order takers, THAT is what pigs are. The GENOCIDE THAT IS PRESENTLY UNFOLDING would not have been possible to perpetrate without these Hell-bound masonic pigs. The brutal, satanic, BIBLICAL GENOCIDE OF BILLIONS is, in large part, upon their heads…three fold.

 There Be Halls of Maws and Claws
 And Gnaws of Hell-Dog Jaws
 And Clapperclaw For Johnny Law.
For You See,
Laws Be Walls to Stall The Free
And Bend Them Swiftly to One Knee.
But For You Little Piggy, Yes YOU Little Piggy
The Law of Three For Thee.
Yes…I See, Yes…I See, Yes…I See.
While You Burn,
My Brothers and Sisters Are Freed!

Vigilum Ad Inferos
A poem by: John Mit c hell
Written for: The Police


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