Criminal Youtube Information Purge – Update

Written by Bonnie & John

October 21, 2020


IN RESPONSE TO YOUTUBE’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, AWAKENVIDEO.ORG WILL BE DELETING OUR CONTENT FROM YOUTUBE, DELETING OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DELETING OUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT (which we were forced into accepting when the nazis at Google bought Youtube). Please go to our youtube channel and download what you want now while it is there. We do plan to have all of the most important videos backed up to Bitchute.


Please join us in boycotting Youtube. This one platform just stripped the availability of independently researched information from well over 6 MILLION men and women. Youtube which is actually Google, is one giant and easily discernible EVIL corporation. Google seems like an Orwellian Nazi-esk company because they ARE an Orwellian Nazi company. Clearly censorship is and always has been the mark of organized evil scumbags like those within the several freedom hating “social” media platforms. To 100% stop using Youtube/Nazitube’s services, is the ONLY way to make these monsters pay. JOIN US IN THE FIGHT! EVEN IF THIS ONE ACT OF BOYCOTTING IS THE ONLY THING YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE TO HELP COMBAT THESE NWO FOOLS…DO IT!!!  

In the coming days we will make a post here and on Bitchute of our account deletion and call for Boycotting these Google scumbags once and for ALL !!



From this point, content written by: Amazing Polly

Have the wrong opinion? You will be burned to the ground. That’s what is happening to an increasing number of people – our ability to buy & sell, contact our people, use the bank, use the phone, etc is not only under threat but absolutely under their tyrannical control. I talk about the insane level of technological harassment I and other have been subjected to in the past week. I must say once again that we should NOT BE AFRAID. This was expected. We fight on!
My web page has my PO Box address here: – Thank you to everyone who has sent support, letters & prayers. God bless you all!


Dollar Vigilante:




Richie From Boston:

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