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Japanese Rising Sun Pattern and UFO

Most unusual striations in the evening sky. The "clouds" are quite abnormal these days...a mix of chemicals and HAARP frequencies beaming down from above. You never know what you'll see, so carry your camera around. When we went to visit the Virginia coast, we filmed...

Aliens Caught On Video In Turkey 2009

This one was lost in the closet. Here it is for those who may have missed it.

Exhaustive Look Into The Dark Alien Agenda

First...there are most definitely positive benevolent higher beings helping mankind every moment of every day. Bonnie and I both know this to be true as a matter of fact, not belief. Keep love in your heart and your eyes wide open. Consciousness is coming and a great...


Some of the very best telescopically video recorded images available on the internet. Thank you JohnLenardWalson

Enormous Flying Object Goes Behind Fake Sun

You want to see the cutting edge of high strangeness with in your "reality" ? Then go check out my friend Space Cowboy 1954 on youtube. His videos will really make you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QV7XNL3uZ8


Trevor James Constable shows that Infrared photography uncovers invisible UFOs. He believes that UFOs may be living creatures (John and I agree). This video tells you how to get the UFOs on film, and then it goes on to very important historical records covering the...

Super Koopa

Thank you Pocholo986 Thanks UFOtv...this video meets "fair use" according to copy right law. This website may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This website displays this material without profit...

UFO Mothership and Fleet Over London 24th June 2011

A number of people on the street with cameras caught this ufo footage. I caught a still shot and a short video of a similar orb type object in April 2011 in my own backyard. This is a closeup, filtered image of the mothership:

UFOs and EMPs in Fort Worth TX 5-12-2011

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Blue Light UFO

This beautiful blue light UFO showed up over our backyard on April 1, 2011. I went outside on this nice day and decided to take some random shots of the sky, just hoping I would catch a UFO, but I didn't consciously see it! I even (unknowingly) got a few seconds of it...

Down where the DUMB is

SO-1 Classified Army UFO Manual (1954) " rosenoire.org/archives/ SO-1_Classified_Army_UFO_Manual_%281954%29.pdf " Army_Memo on Recovered Roswell Craft " rosenoire.org/archives/ UFO_Army_Memo_on_Recovered_Roswell_Craft_PFD_-_m06.pdf...

Michael Schratt on Project Camelot

Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian with some interesting information for those with eyes to see.

Jet chases UFO over Eceti Ranch

James Gilliand from ECETI ranch describes the incident and shows the night time footage of a jet chasing a UFO. Afterward, during the day, three fighter jets flew around the ranch. James goes on to talk about Earth Changes and what to expect, including some very...

Great UFO Video Catch ~a definite~ Must See!!!

This is an outstanding UFO clip, enjoy 🙂

Hologram Planes and UFOs

Explain this if you can. Sure does look peculiar to say the least.

One Of The Best UFO Docus Out There

A bit dated, none-the-less a great chronicled documentation on the UFO government cover up that now some 42% of Americans believe is occurring. Understand, now...those who say openly, "UFOs can not and do not exist"... these are the folks who are now given a second...

HAARP or UFO or Something Else?

Thank you Dinosauro67 Your guess is as good as mine....here's a similar video. chemtrail data page

Polar Opening

bibliotecapleyades.netPlease note the reflection of the camera person in the window; the window itself, which looks like a plane window not a space craft window and the fact the there is a strongly detectable vibration present which obviously suggests an airplane...