Finis Sus

Written by Bonnie & John

July 25, 2022

The Monopoly on Violence video file with multiple srt., subtitles, (Only use with VPN)
Our own copy below. French w/ English Subtitles.

Boot licking, order takers, THAT is what pigs are. The GENOCIDE THAT IS PRESENTLY UNFOLDING would not have been possible to perpetrate without these Hell-bound masonic pigs. The brutal, satanic, BIBLICAL GENOCIDE OF BILLIONS is, in large part, upon their heads…three fold.

 There Be Halls of Maws and Claws
 And Gnaws of Hell-Dog Jaws
 And Clapperclaw For Johnny Law.
For You See,
Laws Be Walls to Stall The Free
And Bend Them Swiftly to One Knee.
But For You Little Piggy, Yes YOU Little Piggy
The Law of Three For Thee.
Yes…I See, Yes…I See, Yes…I See.
While You Burn,
My Brothers and Sisters Are Freed!

Vigilum Ad Inferos
A poem by: John Mit c hell
Written for: The Corrupt Police


Police today are among the lowest I.Q. and most brutal beasts in the field. ALWAYS video these scumbags. What if the woman brutalized by this pig was your Mother or your sister? The arresting pig in this video deserves whatever horrors befall it.


The website Cop Block does an excellent job of documenting the daily affronts by these pigs against men and women and, yes, children too. Some of the most satanic pedophiles and sex traffickers are the police. Please study and get over any mind control you may still have concerning this issue.

“It’s not enough to tell your story, anymore.” YOU have the RIGHT to intervene with ANY FORCE NECESSARY INCLUDING DEADLY FORCE to stop an unlawful arrest. When is it time to shoot a cop?

Yet another example of: Unprofessional, dimwitted, ghetto, superiority complex, anti-human, scumbag, Hell-bounder.
The more they open their idiotic mouths the easier it should become for you to see why these pieces of human filth are destined for Sheol. Pigs like this super dumb female pig are a major ‘why for’ in my decision to leave the former U.S.A.. These pigs are the keystone of why the former U.S.A. is no longer free. In fact, the former U.S.A. (land of the free) is now the most imprisoned country in the world! Think about that. Masons and especially masonic pigs are the enemies of all mankind and the enemies of freedom itself. Each of these masonic pigs (and all masons) will experience horrors beyond present imagination in the coming few months and…they will deserve every bit of it.

Scumbag Female Pig Suspended For 10 Hours – Should Be Fired

P.O.S. domestic terrorist Timothy Runnels sent to prison for brutalizing a teenage boy.


If you or I defend ourselves in any way when one of these nazi pigs sick their K-9 on you, you will be beaten within an inch of your life and charged with attempted murder of an officer…ABSURD!!! However, these low life, low/no conscious blue gang members ROUTINELY execute citizens’ dogs with zero regard for life. The exact same disregard they have for their own Brothers and Sisters. I put these videos here to show you the truth about these boot licking order takers to help bring to light the truth. The tiny amount of so-called good these idiots do is, by leaps and bounds, outweighed by their murders, their torment of both criminals and non-criminals and their general disrespect for all life. For nearly every one of them, it’s ‘them against us’ that is their motto. You must understand, the very same system that has torn apart America/the world and literally caused the crime that is happening are the exact same masonic scum that these Hell-bounders work for. They are Legion. All masons go to Sheol.

“Those who imprison, will be imprisoned, those who live by the sword/gun, MUST die by it” Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

Soon the life expectancy of a masonic pig will mirror the life expectancy of a soldier (sol-dier) during the Vietnam War.

If you are a masonic F.O.P. pig reading this and, of course, have no clue what I am writing about. Remember only one thing. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Facts – You are ALL outgunned by nearly 100 times, that includes the military. When all the men and women have truly had enough of you low life tyrants, you will come to know the truth of your position. Everyone has been deceived, you especially. Well, you are by far the dumbest demographic in the former USA. I put a few more links to prove the point. The days of men and women standing by complacently while you torture, maim and murder their brothers and sisters is OVER NOW. If you have two brains cells to rub together, consider quitting your corrupt gang and denounce your purely evil F.O.P..

The police and military have around 2 million guns and the US civilians own around 650 million guns.

How Many Guns are in the US? [2024]

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