Goodbye 4th World

Written by Bonnie & John

April 2, 2022

UPDATE 22APR2023 BOTTOM OF POST (no more babies soon)

Tim Truth Channel on Bitchute

There is so little time left. Find where you are to be for what is to come and get there now. No longer is there time for lengthy projects. The prices are going up everywhere, which is a major red flag. This is not simply some cause and effect. This is deliberate and lining the pockets of the super elite A.K.A. those bound for Hell, whilst starving mankind. The tyrannical effects of the Zionist Jews/Seed of satan/Neanderthal descendants, in control of this world wide genocide are only now surfacing. These demonic, satanic scum have not misstep a single time through all the implementation of this genocide agenda, for they are Legion. Their plan is exactly on track. Be not deceived.

Below we have a clip from the luciferian TV series Utopia (2020).


The movie: Children of Men chronicles the true coming reality for The Left Hand Path.

Only use the following link with a trusted VPN

Or watch it for free here at
Or watch it for free here at


UPDATED 07DEC2022. We will never say “we told you so” but do have a look at the dates of our posts. Especially in the ‘vaccines’ category. Well in advance of others, we told you what this Covid Hoax was. We told you it contained nano-tech and we told you the vaxxx’d were transmitting. The Mark of The Beast…the Mark of The Dead.


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