Who Might This Be?

Written by Bonnie & John

July 3, 2020

Here is the best link we could find for more information on Joseph Hallett. A couple observations as you view this link. The logo or crest that Joseph Hallett is displaying is very interesting. For instance, in Kabbala the number 77 signifies a/the sorcerer. The two 7’s appear to be on a flat plane extended over a common symbol for frequency as concentric circles. Only the bottom aspect of the 7’s appear to be reflected backwards below in the frequency/water. The entirety of the seal/symbol/sigl is encompassed by the uroboros.  Featured at the head of uroboros snake is what appears-to-be the Holy Chalice/Holy Grail. Also, there is ArAngA that is connected to Mr. Hallett. Their logo quite obviously reveals the typical Three Pyramid sequence that awake men and women know as the mark of masons. Businesses across the whole plane mark their logo with imagery of three pyramids in one form or another as a sign to their luciferian/satanic brethren. It is also worth mentioning that the opening sequence to one of the ArAngA videos depicts the false ball earth rotating, which should sound the alarm for some of us. The link is here.

Could JGH be THE Anti-Christ?

Yeap, this sounded far fetched to us too. This video made it a bit less far fetched along with closely reading Mr. Hallett’s documents on the link above.

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