Pay Attention Please

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Pay Attention Please

You have the UNalienABLE right to exist untethered by government and their minions. You also have an UNalienABLE right to defend your freedom, land, property and life, (with deadly force if need be) from anyone acting UNLAWFULLY no matter what costume they happen to be wearing at the time.

If you are military or police then please watch the video below. People are waking up to the FACT that we are divinely created and that NOTHING stands between US and CREATOR. Not government not military personnel not police personnel and certainly not statutory laws and acts. We must ALL, including you, look back and remember where this all started and the way it is SUPPOSED to be. There are many of us who respect you and the job you do and yet are still not willing to allow you to breach the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, which are UNalienABLE to begin with…get it? We love you. You are all our brothers and sisters. I used to be in the military myself. I served in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Provide Comfort. I was awarded the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal among several others. I was even given an accommodation from (then) Atlantic Fleet Commander (USLANTFLT), Admiral Spane.  In other words I was once very asleep too. I now comprehend that I was used by a multinational corporation to take part in causing untold suffering unto my fellow brothers and sisters. Many of you are waking up too. There is much information and many links to help you find your way available here at awakenvideo and all over the net. The bottom line is…evil (for now) controls the government/corporation. This means if you are police or military, you are in fact ultimately taking your orders from and enforcing statutory laws created by the most evil, corrupt and diabolical minds this reality has ever known. That is no exaggeration of the truth.
Very soon you will be tested in the physical of your morals and ethics. Do yourself a favor and decide where and with whom you stand by. Will it be with the people that make up this great nation or the entities which are working hard to destroy it? Read, research, ask questions and find the truth now before you make mistakes that you will be spiritually held accountable for. Awaken now! Time is very very short! You will be on one side or the other when duality ceases and the shift occurs, choose now.

Love, Light, Respect to you.

F.O.P.  667

667  F.O.P.

After watching this video I decided to write their sheriff. Here is the email I sent. If I receive a reply I will post it here as well. I suggest we ALL write our local police and sheriff offices with similar messages of where we stand united. ________________________________________
BCSO Sheriff Dan Houston,

Can you not see that by employing officers who DO NOT know the law and who VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION…that in fact YOU are becoming the terrorists? Check out this video of some of your domestic terrorists (when you walk around terrorizing innocent people, YOU are a terrorist) harassing a law abiding citizen.

I am a veteran, 41 years old and an active duty US Merchant Marine. I love what my country used to be. From my seat the ones tearing this country down the fastest are the police. You have been infiltrated by idiots and masonic scumbags who LIKE to hurt people. A day of reckoning is fast approaching. People are not going to keep putting up with your violent reptilian (R-complex) behavior much longer. The fuse has been lit (by design) and the biggest patsies in all of this are the military and police (how will YOU act?). If the real terrorist in D.C. didn’t have their police and military goons to treat people like most of you are all too ready to do, then they would not be able to bring this nation to its knees. Am I saying that the police of this once great nation are in fact the ones responsible for destroying our country? YOU BET I AM. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING. Just look at all the violence at every occupy event. Ya that’s right…the only violence being perpetrated at ANY occupy event has been 100% from the masonic police. Isn’t that an important bit? 80 year old women getting tasered (fact) for peaceably assembling? There is NO justification for the way “those sworn to PROTECT” are behaving in our streets.
Here is our website (I’m sure we’re already on the homeland nazi fear list so don’t bother calling those numb nuts) You may want to start with this post

It is really sad to see my country fail like this. I know it must seem like it is in full melt down to you folks too. All I’m (and millions like me) saying is…Stop treating EVERYONE like they’re a terrorist. Wake up and see the terrorists are all wearing suits and screwing all of us (especially police and military) every day from their satanic perch in the OFF SHORE CORPORATION called the district of Columbia.

I am not anti-police. I am anti-violent scumbag police. I am anti-constitution breaking police. I am anti-I don’t know the first thing about the law (especially common law) police. And you know what? I AM VERY FAR FROM STANDING ALONE ON THIS ISSUE.

I am a sovereign entity. I am not governed by statutes or acts but solely by the Law of Creator (common law). As you may know…in reality…NOTHING stands between man and Creator? Did you know that? If not, please check out our website. It is there to wake everyone up to the big con that has been going on for way too long. We have ALL been deceived. This is OBVIOUSLY not the way it is suppose to be. When we reflect on how we got here we find there is only one thing that matters…people. We are all brothers and sisters on this Earth. For those of us who have not learned that lesson yet or worse, those who are hurting my bothers and sister I say….Time is short and violence against your fellow humans WILL be accounted for SOON.

I’ve said what I needed to. I will post this email up on our site. If you choose to reply, I will post that as well and give you a fair shake.

Much Love and Respect to you,


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