Brother Drunvalo Speaks Cosmic Instruct

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Brother Drunvalo Speaks Cosmic Instruct

What happens on December 21, 2012? Do you need help getting through the ascension process? It’s all about thinking with your heart. Drunvalo Melchizedek and Alfred Webre present: Mayan End Time Prophecies of Earth Changes, Consciousness Transformation and the Divine Feminine.

Drunvalo is now on the Itza-Mayan Council, where he works closely with the Mayans. They have explained their understanding of the universe to him, and the significance of the change coming in December. The Mayans have memory going way back to the last time we had one of these shifts (and even further), so they know what happens on Dec 21, 2012: It is the moment the polarity shifts. “The world that was generated by male consciousness, it always dissolves away because now the polarity of the earth switches from male to female at that moment.” Basically, those of us who have love in our hearts and can THINK with our hearts will move into a new state of consciousness that is gentle and loving, based on feminine wisdom and natural cycles.

Drunvalo mentions major news about more Mayan Codices being discovered — apparently, the Mayan texts were not completely destroyed by the Spanish. The information is being found as it is needed, by the Mayans so they now have the instructions they need for spiritual ascension and the coming changes. He also talks about what would happen to the earth during a pole shift.

Many thanks to Drunvalo Melchizedek and Alfred Webre. We appreciate all you do! It is time for everyone to wake up and come forward and help others wake up so we can all transition together into a beautiful new world. Good things are already happening; just focus on the love in your heart and everything you need will come to you. As long as you are on your path and trying to become a better person, you will be supplied with all the resources you need. Think good thoughts!

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