HAARP/Aerosol-Chemtrails Plasma Weapons

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HAARP/Aerosol-Chemtrails Plasma Weapons

Exposing a Spiritual, Mass Mind Control, and Planetary Assault.
Alfred Lambremont Webre.

“HAARP has three major components: a spaced based, an air based, and a ground based component. The space based component weaponizes the earth’s ionosphere which is the uppermost part of the atmosphere. It (HAARP) focuses and heats the ionosphere, and these waves then bounce back into the atmosphere as a plasma and reach all of the earth but also can be highly targeted and highly focused.”

“The air based component of HAARP is created by atmosphere spraying which transforms the atmosphere into a plasma. These are the chemtrails. This plasma is a plasma weapons carrier medium and a force multiplier for the space based component. And it is also a bioweapons and a mind control weapons system against the human population. The toxic metal components in chemtrails are actually a bioweapon against the human organism causing a large array of fatal and crippling diseases but also a large array of mind control conditions.”

Alfred Lambremont Webre website: exopolitics.com

July 2, 2013 Article about Geoengineering published by LiveScience
online link: http://www.accuweather.com/en/home-garden-articles/earth-you/incredible-technology-how-to-e/14852122
word document: http://awakenvideo.org/WordDocument/Geoengineering Incredible Technology.doc

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