Leo Zagami Illuminati Whistleblower 3of3

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Leo Zagami Illuminati Whistleblower 3of3

Make of this what you will. To me this man seems to genuinely know what he is talking about. He seems to have a vast knowledge of the  illuminati and free masonry. With that said he also seems like a very troubled individual personally. He seems to suffer from some internal conflict. All of this is conjecture of course. I am only relaying my inner feelings and concerns about this video (1thru3). Certainly informational and if this pertains to you then I would recommend going to Leo’s site for further investigation.

Below is an excerpt from Mr. Zagami’s website. Enjoy the 3 part series 🙂

Leo Zagami is a high-ranking Illuminati Grand Master, who gained considerable attention in the conspiracy research community between 2006 and 2008 as a defector and whistle-blower. He published his revelations first on illuminaticonfessions.squarespace.com and then on the website maintained by a Freemason brother illuminaticonfessions.webfriend.it. This website was taken offline around May 1, 2008 to give way to his new website, http://www.leozagami.com/. This site, which was slightly delayed due to technical issues was supposed to go online April 20 but was launched sometime later. Leo has announced in May 2008 that he is back in the Illuminati ranks, or rather, that he now personally controls major parts of the Illuminati, and his agenda while being in exile and a defector has not changed.

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